Sandy Hawley Videos

Sandy Hawley is the greatest Canadian jockey ever born. With over 6,400 wins to his credit, this clean-cut kid from Oshawa, Ontario, has been called the Crown Prince of the sport of Kings. Hawley was 16 and 105 pounds when he quit school, obsessed by horse racing. In his first year of riding, he won North Americas top apprentice award as well as the mantle of Canadas leading jockey, a title he held for six straight years. But Sandy Hawleys most significant race has been not on the back of a thoroughbred, but against virulent skin cancer. Told 19 years ago that he only had months to live, he has battled melanoma with experimental drugs, diet, prayer and determination. The Gentleman Jockey includes footage never seen before. Its the story of a champion, both on and off the track.