Advertising offers many different types of advertisements which can be crafted to suit your advertising needs.

Online Advertising

Banner Ads

Additional Services

If you’re looking to advertise with us we offer affordable (for less than a dollar a day), highly visible ad space throughout our site to promote your product or service. You also get a choice between advertising on the sidebar with a small banner ad (upper right) or having a long banner ad (top centre) at the top of the website, both of which randomly change with the other banners in the system and which are visible on all pages of the website. We offer our members the following FREE services on our website that give them many reason’ s to return to our site day after day:


It’s simple to advertise with us even if you are a novice online, because we will do as much or as little as you need us to. Our prices include banner creation and loading. So order online, contact Tony, our sales representative by e-mail or by telephone at 1-888-430-9819. We’ll take it from there and walk you through the process. Don’t delay! Promote on now for less than a dollar a day!


Banner ad design.

Banner ad installation.

Multi-panel ads available.

Full traffic statistics emailed to you monthly.

Ownership of all banner ads created for you.

The ability to change your ad at any time during the contract term.

Rotation with other ad banners on all website pages.

Access to a professional web designer for banner ad development.

Purchasing an Ad

It’s easy to get your banner hosted with You’ll need an account with us which is free, so if you haven’t already, you can create an account or you’ll be given the chance to create an account during the ordering process.

You can see the selection of advertisements we offer in the links above – separated into Banner Ads and Additional Services – as well as our pricing and advertising banners many of our customers use. Read through the various options available to you and then select the banner ad size, terms and banner location you would like. Fill out any necessary information on the pages that follow and press submit.

Once finished, our advertising department will receive an e-mail detailing your purchase. One of our advertising agents will be in contact with you soon to work out the full details of your advertisement.